Here we'll teach you how to SEE SIRDS
Viewing SIRDS is an experience most people can achieve. If you are not able to view them and claim that you must have some problem that prevents this from you, you are probably wrong. There is a very low precent of the people (about 5%) that due to medical or phisical condition can not view SIRDS. Those people usually have other disorders concerning their 3D perception. So if you do not bump into other people all the time, and you manage to pour yourself a nice cup of coffee every morning, you are probably not one of those unfortunate.

The first step in Viewing SIRDS is telling yourself that you can do it, and you WILL see it. Once you're convinced in your ability you can move on.

Well, The big deal about SIRDS is changing your eyes focus. In normal everyday life a person changes his eyes focus hundreds times every day, so its not something new for you. The thing is, that usually you do not know what to focus on in the SIRDS, there are only a bunch of random figures there..

The Special way the SIRDS is constructed can help. It doesn't matter which viewing method you're using, you always have to do the same, which is: merge together two similar patterns. You must have noticed that in every SIRDS there is a repeated horizontal pattern. If you are viewing parallely focus on a plane FARTHER than the plane on which the image is displayed. Move your focus untill two identical pattern merge, and then WHOOSH! the 3D world will unfold like a Polaroid revealing more and more details.
Dont give up! it may take several attempts.
Most of the people say it is a most delightful feeling to succeed in the first time, so it is usually worth the effort. If you are viewing crossed eyes, you have to merge pattern the same way, only this time the focus is CLOSER to you than the image plane.

The Most important thing to keep in mind is NEVER focus on image plane, it is mere 2D there, nothing to look for. Even when you already see the Depth stay in focus. Don't snap back to the image plane if you don't want to lose the 3D effect.

If all this didn't help, why not try Rachel Cooper's Methods for viewing 3D images? check How to See 3D for more games and tricks that will no doubt help.


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