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This project was developed by Haim Grosman and Einan Japheth, under the guidance of Dr. Gershon Elber, as part of the "Computer Graphics Lab" course (234326) -  of the Computer Science Department in the Technion , Israel.

General Information

OpenGL is a very popular library for 3D computer graphics.

glBugger is a program that provides tools to trace the continuity and order of calls to the OpenGL library, be it for debugging or optimization needs. This tracing is performed by swapping the opengl32.dll , while reaching the original libraries. The software being checked behaves as normal (perhaps a little slower), without being called upon to do any compilation. The tracing is executed in a GUI window and log files, with control of the tracing being done through interaction with the GUI. glBugger supports the following features:


  • Documentation of the order of calls of OpenGL commands, including parameters, returned value and time.

  • The ability to stop a command with a certain type.

  • Presentation of parameters that includes the option of changing them and continuing running the application.

  • The ability to fix which functions one does not want to trace.

  • Give an ability to control and change OpenGL states at runtime

  • Write to images the texture used by the application

  • Write 3D Modeling information produced by the application

  • Warn the user of any kind of error produced by OpenGL

glBugger can be used along with any other debugger. Just creat a *.BUG project, save it, and launch your application with the right openl32.dll from your favorite debugger.

Important information

○    glBugger is not yet thread safe, it uses Sleep() function to stop the application from running.

○    all the application and the fake OpenGL dll were written as a project for the university from scratch in a very short period of time, which means there are many sides we haven't thought about, and left for future versions of the program. You are very welcome to test and send us you opinions and feedbacks.

○    glBugger uses FreeImage library in order to write images (texture images and buffer snapshot images). Many thanks to them please visit their project at

○    Hope this will help you make some cool OpenGL applications more easily ;)


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