GE team Graphics Game Project

“3D Game based on the Glut graphics library. A fight between two objects on a pipe.”


Project supervisors:
Prof. Gershon Elber
Sagi Schein
GE team of the project:
Altman Tomer
Raitskin Alexandr


Milkshape models

Each new model you might want to use must follow this rule:
For each group there's a joint and for each joint a group. they are in the same order.
In the joint name, when prefixed by:
_S means it's not hittable and not visible
_C means it's hittable and not visible, the radius of collision is average of the distances to the triangle's vertices.

To use a different model, you should specify it in /GM/GM.cpp - the init function.

Compiling and Launching

Compile the game in debug mode and run it.
The keys: