GE team Graphics Game Project

“3D Game based on the Glut graphics library. A fight between two objects on a pipe.”


Project supervisors:
Prof. Gershon Elber
Sagi Schein
GE team of the project:
Altman Tomer
Raitskin Alexandr

The GE team has implemented the following entities

StaticObject - The data about an object which is global for all instaces of the object, i.e geometry, rendering options and general skeletal structure.
DynamicObject - An instance of a StaticObject. Holds its position/direction and other DynamicObjects as children in the skeleton. Allows movement and rotation, which will then affect the children.
Collider - An object describing how an object is meant to be collided with, in terms of geometry. Can be a sphere, a ray, a triangle or an axis aligned box.
AABT - Axis aligned binary tree. A structure in which colliders reside and allows fast collision detection.