3D glasses in IRIT




IRITs display device “wntgdrvs” support three kinds of real 3D vision using special glasses: Chromadepth, Red-Blue and Red-Green glasses.


1.    Chromadepth – This glasses relies on the fact that when a white light breaks,

each component of  its breaks in a slightly different  angle.

The glasses are built in a way which they are breaking the light, causing the red color

to look the closest and the blue color to look the uttermost from the viewer (while all the other

colors are in the distance between them, according to the rainbow color order).

When using this method, the image we are looking at is painted in the rainbow colors

according to the depth of each part of the image.

For example, if we are looking at a plane when his nose pointing towards us,

his nose will be colored in a color closer to red (in the order of the rainbow colors) then his tail.

Each part of his body will be colored in the rainbow colors between the nose color and the tail color (according to the distance of each body part).

While looking at the plane using the Chromadepth glasses, his nose will come out towards us

from the screen and his tail will drawn back from us.

When we will move the plane in the z axis, his colors will change according to the plane new distance (if we move him towards us, his colors will be from the red side of the rainbow colors and if we move it backwards then the colors will be from the blue side of the rainbow).


2.    Red-Blue glasses – Those are the common 3D glasses in which the left monocle is red

and the right monocle is blue.

The glasses relies on the fact that our eyes are spaced about 5 cm apart.

This cause our two eyes to see the world slightly different from the other eye.

Our brain is using this fact to determine the distance of objects from us (try to catch a ball thrown to

you with one eye close). When we are looking at an object, the brain integrate the information from

both eyes and determine the depth of the object.

When using this method, we draw two images (of the object), a red one and a blue one.

The red image is an image of how the object would look through the left eye if it was in a depth z.

The blue image is an image of the object seen through the right eye if it was in a depth z.

Using the glasses, our left eye will see only the red image, and our right eye will see only the blue image.

Our brain will integrate the two images to one image in depth z.


3.    Red-Green glasses – The same as Red-Blue glasses, only that the right monocle is green and so is the right image.



Using the 3D glasses option:


While in “wntgdrvs” go to “extensions” and choose “environment”.

You will notice that there is a button named “No 3D”. This button determine the 3D mode.