Computer Graphics Project, Computer Science Department, Technion

Game Play

3DColonies is a 3D rendition of the famous board game "Settlers of Catan".
The player contests against two or three robot players for domination over the island of Catan.
Game rules can be found here, or as in a flash version here.

The game screen consists of three HUDs with the board set in their midst:
Main Screen

The Left HUD allows monitoring the status of the players by viewing their cards and victory points.
Holding the cursor over a revealed card will display an enlarged image of it, as can be seen in the image bellow.

Left HUD

The Right HUD allows performing the following actions: toss the dice (by clicking on them), buy developement cards, perform trades, end the current turn and win the game.
It also contains a display of the pieces left in the player's inventory.

Right HUD

The Bottom HUD displays the player's resource cards and development cards, hidden and revealed.

Bottom HUD

To play a developement card, simply click on it. The following window is opened:

Play Developement Card Dialog

The Trade Window enables the player to trade with robot players or the bank:

Bottom HUD

The game ends when one of the players reaches ten points or more:

End Game