Time+Place: Thursday 22/12/2016 14:30 Room 337 Taub Bld.
Title: On Simulation, Verification and Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems
Speaker: Oded Maler - Special Guest Lecture http://www-verimag.imag.fr/~maler/
Affiliation: VERIMAG Research Lab, France
Host: Seffi Naor


In this talk I will present some of the research I have been involved in 
concerning the specification and monitoring of timed, continuous and 
hybrid behaviors using formalism such as Signal Temporal Logic and Timed 
Regular Expressions. I will discuss the similarities and differences 
between properties/assertions and other ''measures'' which are used
in many application domains to evaluate behaviors, as well as the
difference between monitoring real systems during their execution 
and monitoring simulated models during the system design phase.


Oded Maler is research director at CNRS-VERIMAG, University of 
Grenoble-Alpes where he leads research activities on timed and hybrid 
models of cyber-physical systems. He obtained a B.A. in Computer Science 
(Technion, 1979), M.Sc. in Management Science (Tel-Aviv University, 
1984) and Ph.D. in Computer Science (Weizmann Institute, 1990). 
Dr. Maler is among the initiators of the research on hybrid systems and his 
current research interests include the application of hybrid 
verification and monitoring techniques to control systems, analog 
circuits and systems biology as well as some topics in multi-criteria 
optimization and machine learning.