Time+Place: Tuesday 14/06/2016 14:30 Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
Title: A new dimension of media
Speaker: Alexander Bronstein - COLLOQUIUM LECTURE http://www.cs.technion.ac.il/~bron/
Affiliation: Computer Science Dept., Technion


During roughly a century of its turbulent life, electronic media has 
faced several leaps, most of which are related to an increase in the 
number of dimensions, such as the transition from voice to television, 
and from black-and-white to color. Today, the advent of affordable 
three-dimensional acquisition and display technologies, adds a new 
dimension to media. Accurate and reliable 3D acquisition offers a 
formidable tool for quantifying and understanding the geometry of the 
world surrounding us, which is one of the fundamental challenges in 
machine vision with potential applications impacting virtually every 
aspect of our life. However, in many aspects geometric data are more 
challenging to analyze than the regular two-dimensional images. In this 
lecture, I will try to present the latest achievements and challenges in 
the field.

The lecture is targeted for a general audience curious about how stuff 

Short Bio:
Alex Bronstein received his MSc in Electrical Engineering (2005) and
PhD in Computer Science (2007) from the Technion. From 2010 until
2016 he has been a faculty in the School of Electrical Engineering
at Tel Aviv University and a visiting faculty at the College of
Computer Engineering at Duke University. In 2016 he joined the
Department of Computer Science at the Technion as an associate
professor. Alex Bronstein's research interests include numerical
geometry, computer vision, and machine learning. In addition to his
academic activity, he has been active as an engineer and a
technologist. He was a co-founder of the Israeli startup company
Invision acquired by Intel in 2012. The company has been developing
world's first integrated active 3D sensor, nowadays marketed under
the Intel RealSense brand.

Refreshments will be served from 14:15
Lecture starts at 14:30