Time+Place: Tuesday 19/01/2016 14:30 Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
Title: Adversarial Robotics: Robotic Strategic Behavior in Adversarial Environments
Speaker: Noa Agmon - COLLOQUIUM LECTURE http://u.cs.biu.ac.il/~agmon/
Affiliation: Computer Science Dept., Bar-Ilan University
Host: Nir Ailon


Robots act in adversarial environments. It is a fact. Unfortunately, 
little research has been done on strategic robotic behavior considering 
the existence of an adversary. This talk summarizes work that we have 
recently done in the new, emerging, area of Adversarial robotics: 
Accounting for adversarial presence in robotic tasks. This will be 
demonstrated by three different problems: multi-robot patrolling, 
robotic coverage and robot-team formation. We have shown that 
considering an adversary leads to a more general problem, where 
operating in neutral environments (as has been done so far) is actually 
an instance of this problem, that assumes a specific (usually simple, 
random) adversarial model.

Short Bio:

Noa Agmon is a faculty member at the Computer Science department, 
Bar-Ilan University (BIU). Her research focuses on multi-robot systems, 
while using both theoretical and empirical means for evaluation of team 
performance guarantees on a variety of robotic tasks, for example 
multi-robot patrol and robot navigation.  She received her PhD (with 
highest distinction) from Bar-Ilan University (2009), and her MSc from 
the Weizmann Institute (2004), and spent two years at The University of 
Texas (UT) at Austin before accepting the faculty position at BIU, 
where she established and heads the Security Robotics Lab.

Refreshments will be served from 14:15
Lecture starts at 14:30