Time+Place: Tuesday 09/12/2014 14:30 Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
Title: The Cryptographic Lens
Speaker: Shafi Goldwasser - Colloquium Lecture https://www.csail.mit.edu/user/733
Affiliation: MIT and Weizmann Institute
Host: Yuval Ishai


Going beyond the basic challenge of private communication,  in the last 35
years, cryptography has become the general study of correctness and privacy
of computation in the presence of a computationally bounded adversary, and
as such has changed how we think of proofs, reductions, randomness, secrets,
and information.

In this talk I will discuss some beautiful developments in the theory of
computing  through this Cryptographic Lens, as well as recent developments
in cryptography that may allow the next successful shift from local to
global computation.

Short Bio:
Shafi Goldwasser is an RSA Professor of Computer Science at MIT and at the
Weizmann Institute of Science. She obtained her PhD from the University of
California, Berkeley under the supervision of Manuel Blum. Goldwasser's
research areas include computational complexity theory, cryptography and
computational number theory. She is the co-inventor of zero-knowledge
proofs, which probabilistically and interactively demonstrate the validity
of an assertion without conveying any additional knowledge, and are a key
tool in the design of cryptographic protocols. Her work in complexity theory
includes the classification of approximation problems, showing that some
problems in NP remain hard even when only an approximate solution is needed.

Goldwasser is the co-recipient of the ACM Turing award along with Silvio
Micali for their work in the field of cryptography. She is an IACR Fellow
and has received many awards including (twice) the Goedel Prize, the ACM
Grace Murray Hopper Award, the RSA Award in Mathematics, the Athena Lecturer
Award of the Association for Computing, the Benjamin Franklin Medal in
Computer and Cognitive Science, and the IEEE Emanuel R. Piore Award. She is
a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy
of Science, and the National Academy of Engineering. She is an IACR Fellow
in 2007.

Desserts will be served from 14:15
Lecture starts at 14:30