Time+Place: Monday 08/12/2014 14:30 Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
Title: Shape and Content: A database-theoretic perspective on the analysis of data structures
Speaker: Tomer Kotek - CS-Lecture - NOTE UNUSUAL DAY http://forsyte.at/people/kotek/
Affiliation: Vienna University of Technology
Host: Johann Makowsky


The verification community has studied dynamic data structures primarily 
in a bottom-up way by analyzing pointers and the shapes induced by them. 
Recent work in fields such as separation logic has made significant 
progress in extracting shapes from program source code. Many real world 
programs however manipulate complex data whose structure and content is 
most naturally described by formalisms from object oriented programming 
and databases. In recent work, we attempt to bridge the conceptual gap 
between these two communities. Our approach is based on Description 
Logics (DLs), a widely used knowledge representation paradigm which 
gives a logical underpinning for diverse modeling frameworks such as UML 
and ER. We show how DLs can be used on top of an existing shape analysis 
to add content descriptions to the shapes.

Short Bio:
Dr. Tomer Kotek is a postdoc researcher at the Formal Methods in Systems 
Engineering group at Vienna University of Technology. He received his 
PhD from the Technion in 2012. His PhD was invited for presentation as 
one of four outstanding PhD dissertations at the biennial conference of 
the German association for logic. His research focuses on application of 
logical methods to computer science, especially to complexity and 
combinatorics, software verification and knowledge representation.