Time+Place: Sunday 28/06/2009 16:30 Room 337-8 Taub Tentative Bld.
Title: Randomness - a computational perspective
Speaker: Avi Wigderson - in memory of Shimon Even //www.math.ias.edu/~avi/
Affiliation: Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Host: Reuven Bar-Yehuda


The annual Technion talk in memory of Prof. Shimon Even
will be given this year by Prof. Avi Wigderson

16:00-16:20 Reception
16:20-16:30 In memory of Shimon Even
16:30-17:30 Prof. Avi Wigderson
"Randomness - a computational perspective"

Man has grappled with the meaning and utility of randomness for
centuries. Research in the Theory of Computation in the last thirty
years has enriched this study considerably. I'll describe two main
aspects of this research on randomness, demonstrating respectively its
power and weakness for making algorithms efficient. Time permitting, I
will address the role of randomness in other computational settings,
such as probabilistic and zero-knowledge proofs.

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