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Courses Undergraduate

234325 / EE 046345
Computer Graphics Picture

Computer Graphics (offered every semester)

This course is an introduction to computer graphics. Basic techniques such as 3D transformations, hidden surface elimination, shading models and color theory are taught. Programming homework exercises in the C++/OpenGL environment provide hands-on experience. This course is a prerequisite for all other computer graphics courses.
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234326 / 236328
Computer Graphics Laboratory Picture

Computer Graphics Laboratory

This course enables students to gain practical experience in computer graphics by performing a semester-long software project.
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Computer Graphics Laboratory Picture

Project in Virtual and Augmented Reality

The course gives the students an opportunity to gain practical experience with AR/VR challenges using the latest state-of-the-art hardware (glasses, haptic gloves, etc.) by performing a semester long software project.
AR-VR web site AVRL
For registration contact Boaz Sternfeld
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