Advanced Seminar in Polyhedral Interpolation - 236801
Prof. Gill Barequet (
Spring 2004-05


This seminar will cover most of the literature on piecewise-linear interpolation between polygonal slices.

News and Messages

The meeting of 9/6 is canceled.

The meeting of 19/5 is canceled.

1. The meeting of 31/3 is canceled.
2. Every lecturer is asked to implement my comments in his/her .ppt presentation and to send me later the final file.

1. Students who did not get a paper yet are urged to do so! Students who did get a paper are asked to check in the web page whether the date and title are correct.
2. Students who did not register yet to the mailing list need to do this immediately!
3. Attendance: Let n be the number of meetings with talks.
   If n>10, then every student is expected to attend Min(10,n-2) meetings.
   If n<=10, then every student is expected to attend n-1 meetings.

(17/03/05) Due to unexpected late return to Israel, there will be no seminar meeting today. Next Sunday, 20/3, I will assign papers and talk-dates to all students in my office starting 10am.

(15/03/05) Please hurry up and join the mailing list before our meeting in 17/3 (so that you'll get my messages). In that meeting papers will be assigned to students.

(13/03/05) In order to join the mailing-list of the seminar, please send me by e-mail the following details: full name, id, faculty, and degree. (This is in addition to the formal registration to the seminar!)


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Seminar Plan

Thursday 10/03/05:

Thursday 17/03/05:
Paper assignments

Thursday 24/03/05:
1. Carmit Shiran - Optimal surface reconstruction from planar contours (Fuchs, Kedem, and Uselton '77)

Thursday 31/03/05:

Thursday 07/04/05:
1. Idan Ben-Harrush - A framework for surface reconstruction from 3D contours (Kehtarnavaz and de Figueiredo '88)
2. Liraz Perelmooter - Multiresolution banded refinement to accelerate surface reconstruction from polygons (Fix and Ladner '98) and On the scaling heuristic for reconstruction from slices (O'Rourke '94)

Thursday 14/04/05:
1. Orly Goren - A syntactic/semantic technique for surface reconstruction from cross-sectional contours (Kehtarnavaz, Simar, and de Figueiredo '88)
2. Avi Rosenfeld - Conversion of complex contour line definitions into polygonal element mosaics (Christiansen and Sederberg '78) and A new general triangulation method for planar contours (Ganapathy and Dennehy '82)

Thursday 21/04/05:
1. Amir Idar - Marching cubes: A high resolution 3D surface construction algorithm (Lorensen and Cline '87) and The asymptotic decider: Resolving the ambiguity in marching cubes (Nielson and Hamann '91)
2. Yulia Asnis - Approximating complex surfaces by triangulation of contour lines (Keppel '75)

Thursday 05/05/05:
1. Nir Koblenc - Surfaces from contours (Meyers, Skinner, and Sloan '92) and Multiresolution tiling (Meyers '94)
2. Asa Elqayam - Surface reconstruction and representation of 3-D scenes (Wang and Aggarwal '86)

Thursday 19/05/05:

Thursday 26/05/05:
1. Uriel Salomon - A heuristic triangulation algorithm for multiple planar contours using an extended double branching procedure (Choi and Park '94)
2. Liokumovich Vladimir - Piecewise-linear interpolation between polygonal slices (Barequet and Sharir '96)

Thursday 02/06/05:
1. Zvi Goldfarb - Surface construction from planar contours (Zyda, Jones, and Hogan '87)
2. Dimitry Kloper - Arbitrary topology shape reconstruction from planar cross sections (Bajaj, Coyle, and Lin '96)

Thursday 09/06/05:

Thursday 16/06/05:
1. Jacob Subag - On reconstructing polyhedra from parallel slices (Gitlin, O'Rourke, and Subramanian '96)
2. Guy Sela - Surface reconstruction between simple polygons via angle criteria (Welzl and Wolfers '94)

Thursday 23/06/05:
1. Iddo Hanniel - Shape reconstruction from planar cross sections (Boissonnat '88)