Advanced Seminar in Polyhedral Interpolation - 236801
Dr. Gill Barequet (
Spring 2003-04


This seminar will cover some of the literature on piecewise-linear interpolation between polygonal slices.

News and Messages

(16/06/04) The make-up meeting of 23/6 was postponed to 30/6, hall T-3.

(14/06/04) I was notified that the make-up meeting of 16/6 will take place in T-6, and that of 23/6 in T-3 (both in 12:30).

(03/04/04) Normally there are 14 lectures per semester, of which 1 is the introductory meeting and at most 13 are devoted to student lectures. At the moment many students are registered to the seminar, so 14 or 15 student-talk meetings are currently planned. In order not to overload you too much, I will expect every student to attend 11 of these student-talk meetings (12 meetings for those who missed the 17/3 meeting).

(22/03/04) As was announced in class, I will allow two (2) absences from meetings (not including the meeting of 17/3). We will have 12-14 meetings with lectures.

(22/03/04) Please verify that all your talk details in this web page (date and paper(s)) fit what we agreed upon.

(19/03/04) Since Sunday 4/4 is "Yom Gesher" and Sunday 11/4 is in Passover, we will meet this Sunday 21/3 and then again only after the vacation. A make-up meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 14/4 12:30 in T-6.

(18/03/04) I will be away 24-31/3. Thus, the meeting of 28/3 is canceled. Every participant of the seminar must choose a paper and date until Tuesday 23/03/04 (before I leave).

(17/03/04) In order to join the mailing-list of the seminar, please write me an e-mail message with all the following details: full name, id, faculty, and degree. This does not replace the formal registration to the seminar.

(17/03/04) Note that during this semester several meetings will be canceled, and several make-up meetings will be scheduled for Wednesdays at 12:30.

(17/03/04) Today the first seminar meeting will be held. A message was also posted on the electronic board.


See here.

Seminar Plan

Sunday 14/03/04: Canceled.

Wednesday 17/03/04 (make-up):
Gill B. - Introduction

Sunday 21/03/04:
Gill B. - Introduction (cont.) and paper assignment

Sunday 28/03/04: Canceled.

Sunday 04/04/04: Passover

Sunday 11/04/04: Passover

Wednesday 14/04/04:
1. Masha Nikolski - Optimal surface reconstruction from planar contours (Fuchs, Kedem, and Uselton '77)
2. Shay Ohayon - Marching cubes: A high resolution 3D surface construction algorithm (Lorensen and Cline '87) and The asymptotic decider: Resolving the ambiguity in marching cubes (Nielson and Hamann '91)

Sunday 18/04/04:
1. Michael Fischer - Approximating complex surfaces by triangulation of contour lines (Keppel '75)
2. Tommy Sandbank - A heuristic triangulation algorithm for multiple planar contours using an extended double branching procedure (Choi and Park '94)

Sunday 25/04/04:
1. Anna Kloper - Surface definition for branching contour-defined objects (Shantz '81)
2. Ian Bakshan - On reconstructing polyhedra from parallel slices (Gitlin, O'Rourke, and Subramanian '96)

Sunday 02/05/04:
1. Seif Mazareeb - Surface reconstruction from sparse data (Sloan and Hrechanyk '81) and An algorithm for volume estimation based on polyhedral approximation (Cook, Cook, Lee, Batnitzky, Wong, Fritz, Ophir, Dwyer III, Bigongiari, and Templeton '80)
2. Gadi Tunes - Use of simulated annealing to construct triangular facet surfaces (Baszenski and Schumaker '91)

Wednesday 05/05/04:
1. Elinor Axelrod - A framework for surface reconstruction from 3D contours (Kehtarnavaz and de Figueiredo '88)
2. Elinor Heller - A syntactic/semantic technique for surface reconstruction from cross-sectional contours (Kehtarnavaz, Simar, and de~Figueiredo '88)

Sunday 09/05/04:
1. Orni Meerbaum-Salant - Conversion of complex contour line definitions into polygonal element mosaics (Christiansen and Sederberg '78) and A new general triangulation method for planar contours (Ganapathy and Dennehy '82)
2. Kidan Ilany - A triangulation algorithm from arbitrary shaped multiple planar contours (Ekoule, Peyrin, and Odet '91)

Wednesday 12/05/04:
1. Yoav Amit - Multilevel sensitive reconstruction of polyhedral surfaces from parallel slices (Barequet, Shapiro, and Tal '00) and Blending polygonal shapes with different topologies (Surazhsky, Surazhsky, Barequet, and Tal '01)
1. Eran Shlomo - On the scaling heuristic for reconstruction from slices (O'Rourke '94)

Sunday 16/05/04:
1. Olga Berezin - Optimizing a strip separating two polygons (Barequet and Wolfers '98)
2. Marina Khaikelsom-Shadeck - Surface reconstruction and representation of 3-D scenes (Wang and Aggarwal '86)

Sunday 23/05/04:
1. Guy Benyei - From contours to surfaces: Testbed and initial results (Sloan and Painter '87) and Pessimal guesses may be optimal: A counterintuitive search result (Sloan and Painter '88)
2. Boaz Brickner - Surface construction from planar contours (Zyda, Jones, and Hogan '87)

Sunday 30/05/04:
1. Yonit Kagan - Piecewise-linear interpolation between polygonal slices (Barequet and Sharir '96)
2. Yohai Danon - Multiresolution banded refinement to accelerate surface reconstruction from polygons (Fix and Ladner '98)

Sunday 13/06/04:
1. Diana Pekerman - Arbitrary topology shape reconstruction from planar cross sections (Bajaj, Coyle, and Lin '96)
2. Jonathan Naor - The homotopy model: A generalized model for smooth surface generation from cross sectional data (Shinagawa and Kunii '91)

Wednesday 16/06/04:
1. Einav Namer - Minimal area for surface reconstruction fromm cross sections (Berzin and Hagiwara '02)
2. Oded Fuhrmann - Surface reconstruction between simple polygons via angle criteria (Welzl and Wolfers '94)

Sunday 20/06/04:
1. Arina Zaretsky - Improvement of Oliva's algorithm for surface reconstruction from contours (Felkel and Obdrzalek '99) and Straight-skeleton based contour interpolation (Barequet, Goodrich, Levi-Steiner, and Steiner '03)
2. Avishay Sidlesky - Surfaces from contours (Meyers, Skinner, and Sloan '92)

Sunday 27/06/04:
1. Eyal Ackerman - Shape reconstruction from planar cross sections (Boissonnat '88)
2. Shai Brandes - A novel approach for Delaunay 3D reconstruction with a comparative analysis in the light of applications (Nonato, Minghim, Oliveira, and Tavares '01)

Wednesday 30/06/04:
1. Bobi Gilbord - A new surface interpolation technique for reconstructing 3D objects from serial cross-sections (Lin, Chen, and Chen '89)
2. Einan Japheth - Robust and efficient surface reconstruction from contours (Cong and Pavrin '01)