Advanced Seminar in Polyhedral Interpolation - 236801
Prof. Gill Barequet (
Fall 2006-07


This seminar will cover most of the literature on piecewise-linear interpolation between polygonal slices.

News and Messages

Please note the schedule for the remainder of the semester:
(compensation) Wednesday 7/2/07 13:30 (1 hour!), Taub 8.
(regular) Thursday 8/2/07 12:30, room as usual (Taub 4).
(compensation, not compulsory), Sunday 11/2/07 13:00 (1 hour, as part of the CGGC seminar, free food at 12:45), Taub 337.

There will be a compensation meeting in Wednesday 10/1/07 12:30 in T-8.
The compensation meeting of 7/2/07 is canceled (* SEE LATER MESSAGE!).

The meeting of Thursday 25/1/07 was moved to Sunday 21/1/07. It will be held in T-4 in 16:30-18:30.

The meeting of Thursday 1/2/07 was moved to Wednesday 7/2/07. It will be held in T-8 in 12:30-14:30.

Tomorrow, 16/11, instead of a seminar meeting, I will meet in my office students who were not assigned yet papers and lecture dates.

I will be available today from 9am to 12:30pm for paper assignments.

Every student who participates in this seminar is requested to send me an email message with the following details: Full name, ID number, persued degree (1st/2nd/..., which faculty), and Technion email account.

Note that I will allow (to each student) up to two [corrected in 15/11] absences from seminar meetings during the semester.


See here.

Seminar Plan

Thursday 09/11/06:

Thursday 16/11/06:
Paper assignments

Thursday 23/11/06: No meeting

Thursday 30/11/06: No meeting

Thursday 07/12/06:
1. Azi Ben-Lavi - Robust and efficient surface reconstruction from contours (Cong and Pavrin, 2001) and A heuristic triangulation algorithm for multiple planar contours using an extended double branching procedure (Choi and Park, 1994)
2. Sergey Rudko - Marching cubes: A high resolution 3D surface construction algorithm (Lorensen and Cline, 1987) and The asymptotic decider: Resolving the ambiguity in marching cubes (Nielson and Hamann, 1991)

Thursday 14/12/06: No meeting

Thursday 21/12/06:
1. Michael Lyulko - Approximating complex surfaces by triangulation of contour lines (Keppel, 1975)

Thursday 28/12/06:
1. Emil Fisher - Conversion of complex contour line definitions into polygonal element mosaics (Christiansen and Sederberg, 1978) and A new general triangulation method for planar contours (Ganapathy and Dennehy, 1982)
2. Alex Rekhelis - A syntactic/semantic technique for surface reconstruction from cross-sectional contours (Kehtarnavaz, Simar, and de Figueiredo, 1988)

Thursday 04/01/07:
1. Gilad Rozban - A new surface interpolation technique for reconstructing 3D objects from serial cross-sections (Lin, Chen, and Chen, 1989)

Wednesday 10/01/07:
1. Amit Zur - On reconstructing polyhedra from parallel slices (Gitlin, O'Rourke, and Subramanian, 1996) and On the scaling heuristic for reconstruction from slices (O'Rourke '94)
2. Alina Shaikhet - Shape reconstruction from planar cross sections (Boissonnat, 1988)

Thursday 11/01/07:
1. Gadi Aleksandrowicz - Piecewise-linear interpolation between polygonal slices (Barequet and Sharir, 1996)
2. Irit Dorneanu - Surface definition for branching contour-defined objects (Shantz, 1981), From contours to surfaces: Testbed and initial results (Sloan and Painter, 1987), and Pessimal guesses may be optimal: A counterintuitive search result (Sloan and Painter, 1988)

Thursday 18/01/07:
1. Raviv Vinnik - A triangulation algorithm from arbitrary shaped multiple planar contours (Ekoule, Peyrin, and Odet, 1991) and Optimal surface reconstruction from planar contours (Fuchs, Kedem, and Uselton '77)
2. Yair Atzmon - Surface reconstruction and representation of 3-D scenes (Wang and Aggarwal, 1986)

Sunday 21/01/07:
1. Ori Pearl - Straight-skeleton based contour interpolation (Barequet, Goodrich, Levi-Steiner, and Steiner, 2004)
2. David Keller - Surface construction from planar contours (Zyda, Jones, and Hogan, 1987)

Wednesday 07/02/07:
1. Michal Holtzman-Gazit - Arbitrary topology shape reconstruction from planar cross sections (Bajaj, Coyle, and Lin '96)

Thursday 08/02/07:
1. Haggai Toledano - Multiresolution banded refinement to accelerate surface reconstruction from polygons (Fix and Ladner, 1998)
2. Sharon Ronen - Optimizing a strip separating two polygons (Barequet and Wolfers, 1998)

Sunday 11/02/07 (as part of the CGGC seminar!):
1. Asenath Tal - Use of simulated annealing to construct triangular facet surfaces (Baszenski and Schumaker, 1991) and Surface reconstruction between simple polygons via angle criteria (Welzl and Wolfers, 1994)