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Entrance to the Technion and parking

To enter the Technion it is enough to tell the guard that you have came for the conference (either ISCOL or IATL). However, we recommend to have a printout of the program in hand, just in case.

There are no special parking arrangements. There are two parking areas which are very close to the Taub building.

Directions on getting to the Technion from Tel-Aviv

Public transportation to the Technion

(The information was received from Eged. For more details and timetables please consult their site here.)

  1. Take either a bus or a train to Haifa. Get off at Merkazit Hof Hakarmel.
  2. Take the Eged line 11 bus to the Technion.

For those who are staying at the Ganey Dan Hotel, there is a bus from Merkazit Hof Hakarmel to the Carmel Center (lines 3, 133 and 9).

To get from the Carmel Center to the Technion take line 31.

By car

See the computer science department site here.