Amir David Nissan Cohen

9 Brener Street · Haifa· 054-77 11 555·

I am an aspiring computer scientist. I work well with machines and humans. Currently interested in machine learning and running the Technion student association



TSA (Technion student association)
  • Managing over 300 employees
  • Chair of two companies ("Michlol", "Effect")
  • Chair of the Technion academic sport association

2018 - Present

Summer research

  • Researcher in IBM social media group
  • Research in user chat analytics and automatic summarization

Msc student / Teaching assistant

  • Full time Msc student
  • Research in machine learning, statistical learning, and information theory
  • Head TA and TA in the courses: Intro to AI, Data structures
2016 - Present

SW team lead

Wilocity / Qualcomm
  • Was in charge of Wilocity (leading developer of 60G technology) host layer solutions. Under this category fall various internal and external application and tools
  • Worked with a variety of languages (mostly C++ and C#, but also other languages like Python, Java, and TCL)
  • Lead a team of SW engineers and SW interns
  • In 2014 Wilocity was acquired by Qualcomm
2013 - 2016

SW intern and engineer

  • Developed tools for open CL
  • Debugged parts of Open CL runtime environments
2011 - 2013

Research assistant

Weizmann institute
  • Research assistant in the chemistry department of Weizmann institute
2005 - 2007



Master's degree
Computer Science
2016 - Present


Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
2010 - 2013

Yitzhak Rabin High School

Technology Magnet Program
2002 - 2005


Programming Languages & Tools


Apart from research and my activities in the TSA, I'm a big fan of sci fi and fantasy genera, to top that off, I have recently returned to my long-time passion for D&D. I'm also spending a decent amount of time playing computer games.

Beside that, I volunteer as a paramedic for HAZALA union.

Awards & Certifications