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Section 5:
[5.9] Which newsgroup should I post my questions?

Only post to comp.lang.c++ if your question is about the C++ language itself. For example, C++ code design, syntax, style, rules, bugs, etc. Ultimately this means your question must be answerable by looking into the C++ language definition as determined by the ISO/ANSI C++ Standard document, and by planned extensions and adjustments. Operating-specific questions (e.g., about Windows NT / 95 / 3.x, UNIX, etc.) should go to an operating-system-specific newsgroup (see below), not to comp.lang.c++.

Here are some other potentially relevant newsgroups:

  • comp.lang.c++.moderated
  • comp.object
    • Mostly OO design issues, with less emphasis on OO programming
    • That group's FAQ contains an excellent introduction to OO along with an overview of OO terms and concepts
  • comp.std.c++
    • Discussion directly related to the evolving ANSI/ISO C++ standard
    • The evolving ANSI/ISO C++ standard is discussed below
  • comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.tools.*
    • This group is intended for discussions about the selection and use of tools for Windows software development
  • comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.misc
    • This group is for all other discussions about Windows software development
    • There's one FAQ list for all the comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.* groups
    • Sample topic: Accessing C++ classes in a DLL
    • Sample topic: A dialog as an MDI child window [with OWL]
    • Sample topic: Disabled menu choices become enabled [with MFC]
    • Sample topic: Using STRICT with windows.h
    • Sample topic: A programmer's bibliography
  • microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.vc
    • Covers Visual C++ .NET. If it doesn't appear in your news server use the public MS news server at msnews.microsoft.com. Please do NOT write me asking how to set up your newsreader.
  • comp.os.msdos.programmer
    • Much of the traffic is about language products, chiefly from Borland and Microsoft
    • Note: The FAQ for this group is not available at rtfm.mit.edu; it is at oak.oakland.edu/pub/msdos/info and garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/doc-net
    • Sample topic: How can I read a character without [waiting for] the Enter key?
    • Sample topic: How can I read, create, change, or delete the volume label?
    • Sample topic: How do I configure a COM port and use it to transmit data?
    • Sample topic: How can a C program send control codes to my printer?
    • Sample topic: How can I find the Microsoft mouse position and button status?
    • Sample topic: How can I write a TSR (terminate-stay-resident) utility?
    • Sample topic: How can I contact [Borland, Microsoft]?
  • comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision
    • Borland's character-mode framework
  • comp.unix.programmer
    • Sample topic: How do I use popen() to open a process for reading and writing?
    • Sample topic: How do I sleep() in a C program for less than one second?
  • comp.unix.solaris
    • Covers SunOS 4.x and Solaris
    • Sample topic: Signal Primer
    • Sample topic: Waiting for Children to Exit
  • gnu.g++.help
    • Sample topic: Where can I find a demangler?
    • Sample topic: Getting gcc/g++ binaries for Solaris 2.x
    • Sample topic: What documentation exists for g++ 2.x?
  • comp.sys.mac.programmer.* and comp.sys.mac.oop.*
    • Macintosh issues
  • gnu.g++.bug
    • Bug reports for g++; see the g++ docs
  • comp.lang.c
    • FAQ is posted monthly, and is maintained by Steve Summit
    • Sample topic: I'm confused. NULL is guaranteed to be 0, but the null pointer is not?
    • Sample topic: So what is meant by the "equivalence of pointers and arrays" in C?
    • Sample topic: Why doesn't printf("%d\n", i++ * i++); work?
    • Sample topic: How can I write a function that takes a variable number of arguments? [stdarg.h or varargs.h]
    • Sample topic: How do I declare an array of pointer-to-function returning pointer-to-function-that-returns-pointer-to-character?
  • comp.graphics
    • Issues revolving around graphics programming
  • comp.sources.wanted
    • If you want some source code for something, post your request there
  • comp.programming
    • General programming issues

Usenet isn't the only place that has forums to answer your questions. You might also try Techi-Warehouse, among others. Please don't email me asking to add others; I don't have time (or the interest!) to make this an exhaustive list of forums.