C++ FAQ Celebrating Twenty-One Years of the C++ FAQ!!!
(Click here for a personal note from Marshall Cline.)
(A personal note from Marshall Cline.)
Thank you!

I wanted to thank you, the C++ community, for the last couple of decades. I'm not going anywhere — I'm looking forward to the next twenty-plus years. But I had a moment of overflowing gratefulness to everyone, and wanted to quickly jot it down before I return to my usual self :-).

All seriousness aside, no joke, the C++ community has been awesome. I'm making some major enhancements to the C++ FAQ, mostly to embrace the C++11 changes and also in the templates sections, so hopefully the FAQ will get gooder and gooder. (And please let me know if you have any specific suggestions or ideas!)

You'll notice some new banner ads. As you know, the C++ FAQ has been a labor of love: for the past twenty-one years, I've personally funded the FAQ by paying for the primary site's hardware/bandwidth costs, plus for my own time. I finally installed some banner ads to defray some of these costs — hopefully there will be a bit left over :-).

Thank you again for your diligence and for your tenacity. As a community, we have learned a lot, grown a lot, and produced a lot of great software. I hope the FAQ will continue to be a useful tool as you continue in those laudable goals.

My best,

PS: Please help by sending in enhancements, suggestions, ideas, corrections — the works.