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Section 27:
[27.8] What source-file-name convention is best? foo.cpp? foo.C? foo.cc?

If you already have a convention, use it. If not, consult your compiler to see what the compiler expects. Typical answers are: .cpp, .C, .cc, or .cxx (naturally the .C extension assumes a case-sensitive file system to distinguish .C from .c).

We've often used .cpp for our C++ source files, and we have also used .C. In the latter case, when porting to case-insensitive file systems you need to tell the compiler to treat .c files as if they were C++ source files (e.g., -Tdp for IBM CSet++, -cpp for Zortech C++, -P for Borland C++, etc.).

The point is that none of these filename extensions are uniformly superior to the others. We generally use whichever technique is preferred by our customer (again, these issues are dominated by business considerations, not by technical considerations).