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Section 6:
[6.19] How can I help make the C++ FAQ even better??!??

Please send material: cline@parashift.com

If you want to help, here are some specifics:

  1. Don't expect to get paid.

    This is a non-paying labor of love — for me, and, if you choose to help, for you.

    Giving back is A Good Thing. Technology has been good to me, and I expect it's been good to you.

  2. A worked-out solution (FAQ-like question + answer) will get integrated more quickly than a one-liner suggestion for me to write it up.
    • "Marshall, here is a new question + answer on ...." Preferred!
    • "Marshall, YOU should write a new question + answer on ...." Will take me longer!

    I will try (and always have have tried) to get to the latter, though I have only so much time.

  3. Don't worry if you suck at writing. Send me your ideas anyway. I will gladly wordsmith what you send, both to make it "fit" with the rest of the FAQ and to make it easy for you.

    So send in your suggestions, even if you're not confident in your writing ability!!

  4. Dead external links. Sigh. There are too many of them. If you find one, it would be very helpful (to the entire C++ community!!) if you'd send me the correct, updated URL.

    Obviously I appreciate any help, even if the only thing you tell me is that the link is dead. However if you do that, be advised that the link will merely be removed — it probably won't get corrected.

Remember: you're helping the entire world-wide C++ community.

NOTE: This request for help is not new — suggestions and additions have always been appreciated, as evidenced by the many, many attributions to helpful readers. So don't think this newly added FAQ entry means I was previously unwilling to receive suggestions; that would be wrong. Instead, this newly added FAQ entry exists to provide specifics about the sort of help that is most needed, and to coalesce all the "please help out" requests into one place.

NOTE: The C++ FAQ Book is completely separate from this on-line C++ FAQ. The C++ FAQ Book is copyrighted by Addison-Wesley, not me, so contact them, not me, if you want to help with the book.