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Section 27:
[27.13] Are there any other sources of coding standards?

Yep, there are several.

In my opinion, the best source is Sutter and Alexandrescu, C++ Coding Standards, 220 pgs, Addison-Wesley, 2005, ISBN 0-321-11358-6. I had the privilege of serving as an advisor on that book, and the authors did a great job of energizing the pool of advisors. Everyone collaborated with an intensity and depth that I have not seen previously, and the book is better for it.

Here are a few other sources that you can use as starting points for developing your organization's coding standards (in random order) (some are out of date, some might even be bad; I'm not endorsing any; caveat emptor):


  • The Ellemtel guide is dated, but is listed because of its seminal place: it was the first widely distributed and widely adopted set of coding guidelines for C++. It was also the first to castigate the use of protected data.
  • Industrial Strength C++ is also dated, but was the first widely published place to mention the use of protected non-virtual destructors in base classes.