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Section 37:
[37.7] Where can I ftp the code that accompanies "Numerical Recipes"?

This software is sold and therefore it would be illegal to provide it on the net.

Note also that there are some fairly negative reviews of Numerical Recipes, such as amath.colorado.edu/computing/Fortran/numrec.html.

Here are some other sources for numerical algorithms, listed alphabetically:

  • Isaacson, E. and Keller, H., Analysis of Numerical Methods, Dover.
  • Kahan, W., http.cs.berkeley.edu/~wkahan/.
  • Knuth, Donald E., The Art of Computer Programming, Volume II: Seminumerical Algorithms, Addison-Wesley, 1969.
  • LAPACK: Linear Algebra Subroutine Library, www.siam.org
  • NETLIB: the collected algorithms from ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, which have all been refereed, plus a great many other algorithms that have withstood somewhat less formal scrutiny from peers, www.netlib.org
  • Numerical Recipes, by Press et al. Although note some negative reviews, such as amath.colorado.edu/computing/Fortran/numrec.html
  • Ralston and Rabinowitz, A First Course in Numerical Analysis: Second Edition, Dover.
  • Stoer, J. and Bulirsch, R., Introduction to Numerical Analysis, Springer Verlag, in German.