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Section 5:
[5.3] What should I do if I see someone else posting a homework problem?

When a slackard asks comp.lang.c++ to do their homework for them, answering their question is the worst thing for them. Please don't do it! Instead you can use the following table of "frequently asked homework assignments" to give them a hint/pointer:

If someone asks... ...then here's a brief answer:
How do I do Equation Parsing in C++? Use a stack of operators to convert infix to postfix, then a stack of operands to evaluate the postfix expression.
How do I do Shortest Path in C++? Look up Dijkstra's algorithm and backtracking.
How do I do Sorting in C++? Look up heapsort, quicksort, merge sort, internal and external sorting.
How do I do Minimum Spanning Trees in C++? Look up Kruskal and/or Prim's algorithm.
How do I do Combinations and/or Permutations in C++? See your algorithms book.
How do I do <some small essay problem; obviously contrived for a school assignment; too well defined to be from the real world> in C++? Do it yourself. If you get stuck, ask a specific question.

[If anyone has other suggestions that should go into this table, please let me know; thanks; (cline@parashift.com)].