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Section 1:
[1.3] Copying Permissions

If all you want to do is quote a small portion of C++ FAQ (such as one or two FAQs) in a larger document, simply attribute the quoted portion with something vaguely similar to, "From the C++ FAQ, www.parashift.com/c++-faq/".

If you want to make a copy of large portions and/or the entire C++ FAQ document for your own personal use, you may do so without restriction (provided, of course, that you don't redistribute the document to others, or allow others to copy the document).

If you want to redistribute large portions and/or the entire C++ FAQ document to others, whether or not for commercial use, you must get permission from the author first (and that permission is normally granted). In any event, all copies you make must retain verbatim and display conspicuously all the following: all copyright notices, the Author section, the Copyright Notice section, the No Warranty section, the on-line C++-FAQ != C++-FAQ-Book section, and the Copy Permissions section.

If you want more and/or different privileges than are outlined here, please contact me, cline@parashift.com. I'm a very reasonable man...