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Section 27:
[27.3] Should our organization determine coding standards from our C experience?


No matter how vast your C experience, no matter how advanced your C expertise, being a good C programmer does not make you a good C++ programmer. Converting from C to C++ is more than just learning the syntax and semantics of the ++ part of C++. Organizations who want the promise of OO, but who fail to put the "OO" into "OO programming", are fooling themselves; the balance sheet will show their folly.

C++ coding standards should be tempered by C++ experts. Asking comp.lang.c++ is a start. Seek out experts who can help guide you away from pitfalls. Get training. Buy libraries and see if "good" libraries pass your coding standards. Do not set standards by yourself unless you have considerable experience in C++. Having no standard is better than having a bad standard, since improper "official" positions "harden" bad brain traces. There is a thriving market for both C++ training and libraries from which to pull expertise.

One more thing: whenever something is in demand, the potential for charlatans increases. Look before you leap. Also ask for student-reviews from past companies, since not even expertise makes someone a good communicator. Finally, select a practitioner who can teach, not a full time teacher who has a passing knowledge of the language/paradigm.