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Section 32:
[32.6] How can I create a C++ function f(int,char,float) that is callable by my C code?

The C++ compiler must know that f(int,char,float) is to be called by a C compiler using the extern "C" construct:

// This is C++ code

// Declare f(int,char,float) using extern "C":
extern "C" void f(int i, char c, float x);


// Define f(int,char,float) in some C++ module:
void f(int i, char c, float x)
The extern "C" line tells the compiler that the external information sent to the linker should use C calling conventions and name mangling (e.g., preceded by a single underscore). Since name overloading isn't supported by C, you can't make several overloaded functions simultaneously callable by a C program.