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Section 21:
[21.5] Does array-of-Derived is-not-a-kind-of array-of-Base mean arrays are bad?

Yes, arrays are evil. (only half kidding).

Seriously, arrays are very closely related to pointers, and pointers are notoriously difficult to deal with. But if you have a complete grasp of why the above few FAQs were a problem from a design perspective (e.g., if you really know why a container of Thing is not a kind-of container of Anything), and if you think everyone else who will be maintaining your code also has a full grasp on these OO design truths, then you should feel free to use arrays. But if you're like most people, you should use a template container class such as std::vector<T> from the standard library rather than raw arrays.

(Note: this FAQ has to do with public inheritance; private and protected inheritance are different.)