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Section 5:
[5.1] What does IMHO mean? (or IMO, IMNSHO, FWIW, OTOH, etc.)?

Here's a partial list of acronyms in alphabetical order:

  • AFAICS = As far as I can see
  • BTW = By the way
  • FWIW = For what it's worth
  • FYI = For your information
  • HAND = Have a nice day
  • IMHO = In my humble opinion (egoless)
  • IMAO = In my arrogant opinion (oodles of ego)
  • IMNSHO = In my not-so humble opinion (a lot of ego)
  • IMO = In my opinion (not much ego)
  • KUTGW = Keep up the good work
  • MYOB = Mind your own business
  • OO = Object-oriented
  • OTOH = On the other hand
  • PEBCAC = Problem exists between chair and computer
  • PEBCAK = Problem exists between chair and keyboard
  • PMFJI = Pardon me for jumping in
  • RTFM = Read the ___ manual
  • SO = Significant other (as in, "My SO and I went for a walk...")
  • SSO = Small String Optimization (where short strings don't use the heap)
  • YHBT = You have been trolled
  • YHL = You have lost

PMFJI but my SO says "FWIW IMNSHO 'KUTGW' is rare; OTOH it may be useful."

For more acronyms please see the Canonical Abbreviation/Acronym List or the Acronym Finder.