Terror Pays?


Name: Jens Peter Hansen

Email: jh@sid.dk

Phone: +45 86804050

Message: To the Manager

Just now we're ready to buy 60 pieces of your "Radix protector net solution."

But for the moment, when the Israeli military is behaving so rough in the Palestinian Areas, nor I or my Union feel that it's is right to make business with companies from your contry.

We hope that this ugly war will stop soon - and also we hope that Israel and Palestine will agree on peace.

Sincerely Yours

Jens Peter Hansen
SID Generel Workers Union
Langs°hus Trainingscenter
Vestre Ringvej 51
DK-8600 Silkeborg


Response letter by Radix:

Dear Jens Peter Hansen

Regardless of the fact that seven years after the Oslo agreement most of the Palestinians live under full political and economical control of Yasser, the Palestinians dare to claim that their brutal terror attacks against Israeli civilians are a result of living under Israeli occupation!!!

You buy this nonsense; you blame Israel for defending itself against the most brutal terrorism campaign against civilians the world ever saw. Your heavy pressure is aimed toward Israel instead of the terrorists.

I hate to say that my friend but you SUPPORT TERROR!

Since I believe that you are an honest person and I don't really think that you mean to support terror or harm Israel, I would like to inform you of a few things that you might have forgotten but that your media does not bother to remind you.

Eighteen months ago, Palestinian leader - Mr. Arafat rejected Israel's offer to gain full control of 97% of the land he claimed plus alternative land for the remaining 3%. 100% of the land he claims!! This offer is considered by most of the Israelis to be far more than Israel can offer without risking its security.

The Palestinian responded by breaking the peace talks and with massive terror against Israeli civilians.

Any Idea why the Palestinians rejected such a generous offer? The answer is simple. Arafat doesn't want a state next to Israel. He wants a Palestinian state built on the ruins of Israel. A Palestinians state instead of the State of Israel!

Do you support that? Do you really think that Israel should let the Palestinians build a state on the ruins of Israel?
Would you let them build their state on the ruins of Denmark?

Imagine yourself drinking beer in your lovely Tivoli gardens when a bomb explodes under your seat spreading your body all over the garden. Imagine yourself in a situation when a bus exploded in the center of Copenhagen and you know that your daughter might be on that bus. You can't reach her because thousands like you are trying to reach their relatives using the same overloaded cellular network.
Now imagine that this is the everyday situation in Denmark for 18 months.

Would you accept such a situation?
I don't think so. No mater what are the causes of the Palestinians suffering, my daughter is not responsible for that. She is not the one that has to be blamed for the Palestinians suffering and she should not pay the price for Arafat's megalomania.

Let me clearly state that I have no problem choosing between doing business with you and supporting my government in its effort to protect my daughter.
Because of your support of terror, I hold you personally responsible for my daughter's safety.

I really hope that the Israeli government will not bend under your unfair and unbalanced pressure and will continue with the work of rooting out terror from this region. Yes, even if I lose your business. If we fail, god forbid, we are doomed and you next in line.

Yes, Palestinian civilians pay a heavy price. Many were killed by our military actions. Yes, we all think that this is terrible. But this is unfortunately the situation when terrorist find shelters behind civilians. Labs where bombs are manufactured are located in civilian neighborhoods. Palestinians "brave" warriors took shelters behind women and children, in schools and in ambulances.

There is one person to be blamed for the Palestinians suffering - Mr. Arafat.
For six years since he got the control over the Palestinians lives, all he did was build the terror infrastructure and prepare for war instead of developing the country and improving the lives of his people.

By the way, I didn't notice that any of you or other sensitive Europeans did anything to stop the terror against Israeli civilians. Your voice was not heard when terrorists kept exploding themselves among Israelis in nightclubs, cafes, busses, schools, markets and hotels in the center of the cities taking huge number of innocent lives.
You people woke up only after Israel stood up and started to fight back.

We will do all it takes to defend ourselves because no one else will do it for us, definitely not the Europeans.
My mother is still alive and reminds me what she went through in your civilized Europe 60 years ago.

We are going to defend ourselves even if it will disturb your sensitive souls in Europe and even if it cost us to lose some business with you. But I advise to you to wake up. I know that you do not mean to encourage the Palestinian to go on with their brutal terror actions against civilians. Am I wrong?

Best regards

Dov Shoam
General Manager

Radix (Israel) Ltd.