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Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 12:17:31 +0300 (IDT)


Last night (May 1st) there was an interview (on Israeli Ch-1) with Prof. Raffi Israeli from The Hebrew University. By a coincident, his book "Poison" is now being published in the US and UK. It is about Palestinian allegations against Israel, back in 1983, that Israel was poisoning Palestinian girls. It began in Jenin ( :-), were several girls were hospitalized after they had fainted. Then it spread to other cities in the area. Soon it made the headlines, and Israel was harshly condemned at the UN - even by the US rep. (Jean Kirkpatrick).

Meanwhile, while the epidemic grew and was spreading, the Palestinians were not satisfied with its intensity and they were transporting school-girls from their schools to hospitals, where the girls were meeting Int'l Media and reporting to have severe stomach aches. What was not reported was that after the Media people had gone those girls raised from their beds waving V-signs with their fingers (he said something about the V-signs being seen on Israeli TV, but I'm not sure I got it right).

Nevertheless, there were genuine cases that needed hospitalization. When Israel claimed (after an investigation) that it was a case of mass-hysteria, UN delegations mocking her. A Red-Cross investigation that found nothing, refused to clear Israel but just reported "no evidence were found". Only two months after that incident, a delegation from the International Center of Epidemics (hope it is the name) based in Atlanta, USA, found that there was nothing except mass-hysteria !!! But then, no one reported about it *except* the New York Times which put a two-liner at the bottom of p.7 to apologize for the false accusations against Israel.

One should think ...
Knowledge aches - this is probably why most people reject it.


Here is Prof. Israeli's reply to me, he had my original e-mail to him at the bottom. My question was about the documentation of the cooperation of the Media with the Palestinian hoax.

See http://truman.huji.ac.il/israelicv.htm
Read an article about the "poisoning" incident By Prof. Israeli. Oct. 31st, 2004

If you search Google for "Raphael Israeli", you'll see interesting results, Searching for "Raphael Israeli" AND Kosovo , is also interesting.

From: "Raphi Israeli" 
To: "Yechiel Kimchi" 
Subject: Re: Poison 1983
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 06:56:46 +0200
Organization: Truman Institute

Hello Yechiel
Thanks for your message. It is indeed me. If you looked at Google or Amazone, you would find all the refreences to all my books. The one in question is : Poison: Modern Manifestations of the Blood Libel, Lexington, 2002.

Regarding the hospitalized girls, foreign TV did not document the hoax, because they were as eager as the Palestinians to show that Israel was at fault. But there were Israeli phtographers on the spot who did document that and all that is referenced in the book. There was even question of prosecuting the fakers of the hoax, but because of the negative reactions of Europe and the Arabs the idea was dropped.



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From: "Yechiel Kimchi"  
To: "Raphi Israeli"  
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Subject: Poison 1983 

> Shalom Prof. Israeli,
> This e-mail is related to an interview with you,
> on channel-1 w.r.t. your book Poison.
> If by mistake, this e-mail arrives at the wrong Prof. Raphi Israeli
> I apologize (I made a search with Google ;-) and I kindly ask you
> to tell me about the right one (if you happen to know).
> First I thank you about the information you have provided
> during the interview and I hope to be able to read your book.
> There, though, one question related to the interview:
> You have mentioned that there were occasion, where the Palestinians
> (on top of having genuine hysteric girls suffer from the symptoms)
> have brought healthy school-girls to hospitals,
> in order to act as being sick, and then (after pictures were taken
> by International media) they waved V-signs with their fingers.
> I *think* you said it was shown on Israeli TV,
> but I am not sure I've got it right.
> I'll appreciate it if you can explain it to me,
> and tell me whether there are references to those incidents.
> I am interested in it because I would like to use it
> as an example about Palestinian's disinformation
> while writing to my friends abroad.
> I'll be glad to have more info about your book (besides its title)
> in order to be able to tell about it to friends in Europe and in the US.
> I thank you in advance
> Yechiel
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