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The Fourth Dimension by Yaad Kimchi (Aug. 11, 2005)
will be aired by Telad Reshet on Channel 2
on Saturday, July 24, 2004
Saturday, July 24, 2004 12:30 pm
Saturday, Aug. 13, 2005 at 12:30 pm.
An interview with Yaad will be aired at Shishi BaKaffe (was Kaffe Telad)
    on Friday, Aug. 12, 2005 between 9:00am and 10:00am (around 9:20)
    Sorry cancelled (probably too many "hitnatkut" items), though not final.

in Haifa Film Festival (English) (Sep. 25, 2002)

Welcome to the Machine
Monthly Lectures and Films

Eliezer Cohen (Chitta, was PM)
    criticizes Gideon Levy (of Haaretz):

    Humanitarian Issues (sorry, in Hebrew) (February 17, 2008)

Missing in Mexico: Dana Rishpy (added: May 14, 2007)

link Yakov Bergman vs. HUJI admin link

Yuval needs help
- I know them personally
(and there was a report on channel 10 about it a week ago)
please read (Hebrew) June 2nd, 2005

Hanan needs blood type O-     I know the sender (sorry, in Hebrew) (Nov. 9, 2005)

These links will slowly be moved to their appropriate page

Too much kimchi might be bad for you (May 23, 2006)

Global Warming Sources (Mar. 11, 2006) ( a related link )

Cellphone co. Ripping you off: Hebrew (July 8, 2007)

Sony tried to control your computer: (Feb. 21, 2006)
      It was discovered by Mark Russinovich, and here is a summary at Wikipedia
      If you search for the words 'sony' and 'rootkit' you'll find a lot more.
      The interesting, non-technical, parts are: it puts your computer at risk, they started by denying it,
      they infringed the copyright of an OpenSource code, and none of the AntiVirus tools had detected it.

Big IT companies harm freedom fighters (from Haaretz, sorry, in Hebrew).
      It's about Chinese dissidents, Yahoo and Tor (May 13, 2006)

Bill Gates' visit to Israel       (from Haaretz, sorry, in Hebrew)
Please compare with David A. Wheeler's article aboout Open Sourse Software,
      especially market share and reliabilty.

Is MS-Vista a step forward? A somewhat biased, but factual-based answer. Dec. 17, 2006
      Please read 25 Shortcomings Of Vista as an example. ( print ) Dec. 17, 2006
      David Pogue proves in this clip
            that Windows Vista did not steal ideas from MAC-OS-X Dec. 26, 2006
      A more detailed article at Haaretz-captain-Internet - with more links Dec. 26, 2006
            (sorry, in Hebrew - but sure there are such in English)
      Peter Gutmann has published a document about Vista Content Protection's Cost Dec. 27, 2006
            and a a related article ( and another one ) Dec. 31, 2006
      What Vista can do to your TV (surprised?) Jan. 09, 2007
      Vista's WGA system falsely accused millions of legal MS-Windows users as
      having counterfeit software ( Hebrew) Jan. 26, 2007

    Great news about MS-Windows (oops... it's from England). Nov. 17, 2006

    Interesting Microsoft Messages (an e-mail by a list member) Nov. 06, 2006

    Microsoft History Feb. 12, 2007

A petition against Environmental Hazards in Haifa district (sorry, in Hebrew) Feb. 11, 2007

The dark side of google: read alerting discussions at google-watch.org.

Bug Free C

A very interesting book:
      The Software Conspiracy by Mark Minasi       Chapter-1 (is an executive summary ;-).
      An online PDF complete version is available.
      A review of the book.
      There is a Hebrew translation A Chapter (PDF)

Why software patents are so bad? ( more, with more links)
      An example of earlier concerns (and another), and the end result
A related article, about CopyRight

OOXML - Just Say No!     (D-day is March 26 - read below)

ODF is the standard for documents (ISO/IEC 26300:2006).
MicroSoft wants to add its own office internal formats as a standard (OOXML).
If it is accepted, MS office-internal-format will be standard compliant without complying with ODF.
In addition, MS does not open its internal format, resulting in shutting the door for any competition to MS

More info, from Haaretz (sorry, in Hebrew) (May 3, 2008)
Read more:
A statement of the problem
Six reasons to migrate to OOXML (a video clip)
Did you know? (a video clip)
What do you want? (a video clip)
An ODF <===> MS Word converter (Added: March 26, 2008)
More links
(Added: March 21, 2008)

Dalia Rubin at http://daliarubin.com

  • Maor needs help [Please note: I know the family in person]
        Maor Zusman is two (2) years old and has cancer (Neuroblastoma)
        His family organizes a perfoming art event in order to raise money.
        Donations are welcome too. Please read: