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Free UNIX®-like emulation for various window-systems
      is available at Cygwin(tm) with tools like gcc.
Free Borland« C++Builder Compiler(tm).

Axiomatic Set Theory (106702) Some stuff related to an advanced course I taught at the math faculty

A short introduction to C++ (PostScript, PDF) (Sorry, in Hebrew)
An interesting (multi-part) introduction to OOP
    (despite the fact that the author is anti-C++)
Debugging your code? A few suggestions by Allen Holub ( the original),
    that appeared on C/C++ Users Journal.
    Fagan's paper, 1976, is mentioned in (and can be linked from) the above,
    since it deals with Code Inspection
Do you want Moed-C? Please read this first (original) (Mar. 8, 2005)

Bjarne Stroustrup about Programming ( a sequel ) Dec. 18, 2006

An interesting source for some C++ Techniques (broken link was repaired, Nov. 9th, 2012)
A local copy of Marshall Cline's C++ FAQs (July 04, 2012)
Secure Programming by David A. Wheeler.
I have found it via this page about C.
C++ examples of Array Implementations (by Amit Schreiber)

Interesting small items Nov. 26, 2012
        Read about C++, bad software, grades and more.
Alternatives for MS-products
David A. Wheeler explains that Microsoft is not an Innovator
    David Pogue proves in this clip that Windows Vista did not steal ideas from MAC-OS-X
    The first Judge that ruled that Microsoft is a monopoly and more links.
    Wired Magazin offers U.S. v. Microsoft: Timeline Dec. 6, 2012
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