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View Earth at night from Wired Magazine Dec. 6, 2012

Why not using Israel highway-6 (sorry, in Hebrew)

An interview with me Published at Kuli (the Technion Students' weekly)
    Oct. 18, 1999 (sorry, in Hebrew).

My suggested minimal C-Style guide

Elegant Software
     and Correct and Portable Software
      by Steve Summit.
C++ Portability: 1, 2,
Weird Fibonacci and a compiler bug: Question and Answer
C++ Pointers vs. Refereces and MFC: Q, A-1, A-2, A-3, A Link.
A discussion about Encapsulation and Get/Set Methods (June 30, 2005)
      A related Question and Answer

Compiler optimizations: Techniques for Scientific C++
Will C++ be faster than Fortran ? (ps)
Better compilers? A dissertation by Todd Veldhuizen

Secure Programming. I have found it via this page about C.
David Goldberg's paper
      What Every Computer Scientist Must Know About Floating Point Arithmetics
      (PDF, and a local compact PS)
Comparing Floating Point Numbers by Bruce Dawson (Nov. 25, 2012)
      (An older version - deprecated - from 2007)
William Kahan's homepage (April 21, 2007)
      and Documents relating to IEEE standard 754

Debugging your code? A few suggestions by Allen Holub ( the original),
    that appeared on C/C++ Users Journal.
Fagan's paper, 1976, about Code Inspection
Why extends is evil? by Allen Holub (at JavaWorld) (local)
    Sequels: Why getter and setter methods are evil?
                  More on getters and setters

Micro$oft - Just say No   (Alternatives for M$-products).
One more reason for the success of M$-Windows and more tech-articles.
David A. Wheeler explains that Microsoft is not an Innovator
David A. Wheeler discusses software innovations and software patents.
Why you should regularly check your MS-Windows log-files (Sept. 12, 2005)
Windows 7 (tm) Sins   is a   Free Software Foundation (FSF) supported campaign, (Jan. 23, 2010)
    (in 7 languages and counting) aims at exposing the disadvantages of using MS-Windows-7
    including: DRM, Security, Monopoly, Lock In, Privacy, and more.

A verbose and in-depth annotation for the new C99 draft

Some Visual C++ 6.0 Problems
Another source for Visual C++ 6.0 Problems
Visual C++ 6.0 vs. Borland/SGI/GCC A practical comparison
Intel C++ Compiler for Linux . ( base )
David O'Neal's page, with Many references

How to compile your code?.

A very interesting book:
      The Software Conspiracy by Mark Minasi       Chapter-1 (is an executive summary ;-).
      An online PDF complete version is available. (July 15, 2005)
      A review of the book.
      There is a Hebrew translation A Chapter (PDF) and (Aug. 12, 2005)
Why Software is so Bad? (pdf - link updated) (a shorter alternative (html))
     A commentary on the above
Read The buggy-software epidemic page (original article)
Some records of Software Bugs.
An interesting article (though commercial) about Leaky Abstractions.
A real example of extremely poorly written code, that is believed to be a good one
      (otherwise they would not have displayed it ;-)

Stop Spam

Read an interesting article about "Grades Inflation".
And another one: Making the Grade
Should grades of Moed-B be similar to grades of Moed-A ? Read a discussion.
A student wants Moed-B to be easier.
Is it fair to deny HW grades transfer from previous semesters?
Is it fair to to modify HW#2 a week before deadline?
Do you want Moed-C? Please read this first (original)

Y2K was not a BUG.
Are you Competent ? ( A PDF version)
    The original paper and a funny side to it. May 25, 2004
See how easy it is to write unmaintainable code. (thanks to Gilad Broner)
If someone makes unnecessary comments,   what is the appropriate punishment ?
A rather amusing (spoof) interview with Bjarne Stroustrup,
      called The Truth about C++ Revealed
Software development hierarchy the waterfall model
A programmer is fleeing from his peers that maintain his code   (Sept. 12, 2005)

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    OOPS... a quotation and its source (Aug. 24, 2005)

    Stop Them: Please read.

C++ Bad Books

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