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You can start a track, full of C and C++ information here.

C books and C++ books in Hebrew ?      Sorry, you must be joking !
So you think books in English are better ? Only a handful of them, the rest are just as bad !

A few tips for choosing a textbook in C or in C++.
A few comments on items that are mentioned here.

Books about C

    B. Kernighan & D. Ritchie: The C programming Language, 1988, 2nd. ed., Prentice-Hall (Comment).
    For a few corrections, look at the Errata.
    Read Brian Kernighan's Programming-Style Tips
    Load Dennis Ritchie's The Development of the C Language (Postscript, 16 pages)

    S. Summit: C Programming FAQs, 1996, Addison-Wesley Longman (Comment).
    For corrections, look at its Errata.
    You can look at it's Internet version (shorter, but very helpful).
    Steve Summit has a very comprehensive online notes on C Programming.
    Why should we write portable code ? Steve Summit answers.
    Read Steve Summit's opinion about Elegant Software.

C Programming Textbooks

Books about C++

    B. Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language, 1997, 3rd ed., Addison-Wesley Longman (Comment).
    See the Errata
    Read IEEE Computer interview with Bjarne Stroustrup.
    Read Bill Venners ( conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup.
    Technology Review conducted a two-part interview with Bjarne Stroustrup:
        The problem with programming ( part two) (Feb. 9, 2007)

    B. Stroustrup: The Design and Evolution of C++, 1994, Addison-Wesley Longman (Comment).
    See the Errata

    S. Meyers: Effective C++, 1997, 2nd ed. Addison-Wesley Longman (Comment).
    For evolving corrections, look at its Errata.
    The 3rd. edition is published (may '05)
        An interview with S. Meyers, about the new approach to C++, new techniques,
        its advantages (and shortcomings), and its usefulness in embedded systems.

    S. Meyers: More Effective C++ 1996, Addison-Wesley Longman.
    For evolving corrections, look at its Errata.
    Read Tom Cargill's Article Exception Handling: A False Sense of Security.

    M. Henricson & E. Nyquist: Industrial Strength C++, 1997, Prentice Hall (Comment).
    See its errata.
    An on-line free copy. (block pop-ups first)
    An online version of C++ Rules and Recommendations, by E. Nyquist and M. Henricson.

    M. Cline & G. Lomow & Mike Girou: C++ FAQs, 2nd ed. 1999, Addison-Wesley Professional (Comment).
    For corrections, look at its Errata. (Sorry, broken)
    You can look at it's Internet version (shorter, but much more updated).
    Here is a local copy   (it's a mirror) (2012)

    A. Koenig & B. Moo: Ruminations on C++ (at AW), 1997, Addison-Wesley Longman (Comment).

    A. Koenig & B. Moo: Accelerated C++ (at Pearson),
        2000, Addison-Wesley Professional (Comment). June 04, 2013

C++ Programming Textbooks

Other Internet Sources

    A wonderful source of book reviews, by ACCU (my reviews) (July 24, 2007)

    The C/C++ Users Journal recommended book list (Sorry, broken)
    Integral Security (Nov. 4, 2006)

    Robert Davies maintains a huge page of C++ Internet sites. (Nov. 4, 2006)

    You can ftp the latest official version of Frank B. Brokken's C++ Annotations.
    Or you can brows the document through the Internet.
    The root for this site is at The University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

    For the interested people, here are slightly out-of-date drafts for
    C++ Standard. (or a local copy)
    C Standard. (or a local copy)
    C Rational. (or a local copy)

    A few FAQ lists, available over the Web.
    alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ FAQ list. (temporary link).
        A future substitute - html version (different numbering, I did not check it yet)
    comp.std.c++ FAQ list. (Repaired July 29, 2015. Thanks to Ms. Wallis, UK)
        See comp.std.c++ site: Alas, their link to Marshall Cline's C++ FAQs is broken.

    Visit The Standard Template Library page at SGI.
    For other STL sources look here.
    For STL-FAQs and other sources about STL look here.

    Look at The GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF).
          My default choice for C/C++ compilers are gcc/g++ respectively (if you know what you need).
          Look below for more details.
    An introduction to GCC is available as HTML and PDF
    Here is GNU GNU-home base-ftp.
    Look for their ftp mirror-sites.
    Look for GNU Nana: improved support for assertions and logging in C and C++.

    C and C++ Compilers
    GNU C/C++ compilers gcc/g++ that were mentioned above.
    About Intel C++ Compiler for Linux 6.0 Beta. Sorry, broken (even at the owner's page, July 2015).
    Compiler optimizations: Techniques for Scientific C++
    Free Borland® C++Builder Compiler(tm).
    Here is C++ FAQs, Ch.38 about C++ compilers.
    Here is alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ FAQ list, Q#17 about C++ compilers. (temporary link)
        A future substitute - html version (different numbering, I did not check it yet Sep. 28, 2006)
    Comeau compiler provides a Web-service for testing your C and C++ code.

    C and C++ Sources
    Blitz++ for Object-Oriented Scientific Computing.
    Pete Goodliffe's dbg library.
    An interesting source for some C++ Techniques
    C++ Sources by stickysauce
    DEC C Language Reference Manual (March 20, 2007)

    Subversion - a version control system
        (a free, Open-Source successor of CVS)

    OOP sources
    A multi-part introduction to OOP
        (despite the fact that the author is anti-C++)

    Design Patterns links
    Huston Design Patterns source. (Feb. 4th, 2007)

    A few UML links

    Mathtools links

    A dependable operating system (UNIX®) for your PC, can be found at
    The Linux Home Page.
    The FreeBSD Home Page.
    Free UNIX-like emulation for various window-systems
          is available at Cygwin(tm) (or here) with tools like gcc.
    The Art of of Unix Programming.
    Bellevue Linux Users Group

    A very interesting book:       (there is a Hebrew translation)
          The Software Conspiracy by Mark Minasi       Chapter-1 (is an executive summary ;-).
    An online PDF complete version is available.
    A review of the book.

    Some nice to have sources.
    The Ten Commandments for C Programmers.
    Here is what B. Stroustrup says about Java.
    All you wanted to know about Perl and was unable to ask.
    The Lessons of Ariane 5.
    Ariane 5 is just one of many pages at Eiffel home.

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