Technical Report CS-2003-14

Title: Fuzzy Membership Based Reliable Delivery for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Authors: Roy Friedman and Galya Tcharny
Abstract: Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET) are formed in an ad-hoc manner by collections of devices that are equipped with wireless communication capabilities such as the popular WiFi (IEEE 802.11b) standard. As the hardware technology and networking protocols for MANETs become mature and ubiquitous, the main barrier for MANETs to become widely used is applications. Like in other areas of distributed computing, in order to expedite the development of applications, there is a need for middleware services that support these applications. Reliable multicast has been identified as a basic service for many reliable distributed applications. This paper presents a reliable multicast protocol that is specifically adapted to MANETs, as it includes a fuzzy-stability based flow control and a gossip based local retransmission mechanisms. The paper also includes an evaluation of this protocol by extensive simulations under various network parameters.
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