Technical Report MSC-2017-02

Title: Fajita - A Fluent API for Automatic Generation of Fluent APIs in Java
Authors: Tomer Levy
Supervisors: Yossi (Joseph) Gil
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Abstract: The main result of this thesis is Fajita, a practical prototypical tool for the automatic generation of Java Fluent APIs from their specification. We begin with a theoretical study, that explains why the problem’s core lies with the expressive power of Java generics. We show that automatic generation is possible whenever the specification is an instance of the set of deterministic context-free languages, a set which contains most “practical” languages. We then advances to present, for the first, an efficient (specifically linear time) algorithm for generating an automaton, implementable within the framework of compile time computation of Java, which recognizes a given LL(1) language. The generated automaton is time efficient, spending a constant amount of time on each symbol of the “input”. Space requirement is also polynomially bounded. Other contributions include a collection of techniques and idioms of the limited meta-programming possible with Java generics, and an empirical measurement demonstrating that the runtime of the “javac” compiler of Java may be exponential in the program’s length, even for programs composed of a handful of lines and which do not rely on overly complex use of generics. Another theoretical contribution of this work is the RLLp, an automaton for recognizing LL(1) grammars that supplies the realtime property.

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