Technical Report MSC-2016-01

Title: How to Construct Multilingual Domain Ontologies
Authors: Nitsan Chrizman Cherkassky
Supervisors: Alon Itai
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Abstract: In information science, an ontology is a structural framework for organizing information, which represents knowledge as a set of concepts and the relationships between them. Our research focuses on automatic construction of multi-lingual domain-ontologies, i.e., creating a DAG (directed acyclic graph) consisting of concepts related to a specific domain and the relations between them.

Our final result is a method which, given a domain, produces a multilingual ontology that represents the main concepts within the domain, along with their attributes and the relationships between those concepts. The methodology we developed includes developing, using a given domain and relying on a foundation ontology, a domain-ontology in a source language (the main language) and, based on that, developing a corresponding domain-ontology in a target languages (the secondary language).

We considered three tasks: First, Accumulating the domain's basic concepts-- Gathering a large set of ``relevant concepts", concepts which are closely related to the domain core. Second, developing the domain-ontology in the source language- Finding the connections between the concepts, which were obtained in the first task. Finally, developing the corresponding domain-ontology in the target language- Developing an ontology in the target language based on the ontology in the source language we had created in the previous tasks.

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