Technical Report MSC-2014-07

Title: E-Wolf: A Distributed Online Social Network
Authors: Eyal Kibbar
Supervisors: Roy Friedman
Abstract: This thesis presents E-Wolf, a fully decentralized implementation of an on-line social network. E-Wolf follows a modular design in which the complex functionality of the system is divided into layered modules such that each module builds on the functionality of the ones below it. This design enabled gradual development of the system and favors extensibility and maintainability. More specifically, in E-Wolf, every node participates in a Peer to Peer network. The most basic E-Wolf modules support discovery and routing in such a network. On top of these, various storage mechanisms are provided, each suitable for different type of interactions needed for storing both internal management data and users’ generated data. These in turn are extended by the upper most E-Wolf modules to provide the known social networking experience. Also, all data is encrypted and an emphasis was placed on how users can control the privacy of their data and who has access to it. Further, an attempt is made to keep traffic local when possible. E-Wolf is implemented in Java and is available as an open source project. In fact, each of its modules is packaged as a separate project. This enables using only parts of E-Wolf in other projects, and encourages developing additional modules providing additional functionality for the system.
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