Technical Report PHD-2013-07

Title: Techniques for Manipulating Volumetric and Polyhedral 3D Datasets
Authors: Zohar Levi
Supervisors: Craig (Chaim) Gotsman
Abstract: In this thesis we propose four related methods in geometry processing. In the first, we describe D-Snake, a snake-type method for shape registration in 2D and 3D, by fitting a given polygonal template to an acquired image or volume data. The snake aspires to fit itself to the data in a shape which is locally As-Similar-As-Possible to the template. The second method is ArtiSketch, a system for articulated sketch modeling. ArtiSketch automatically converts a set of articulated sketches to an articulated 3D object. The main idea is to use a skeleton to enable the user to provide the system the necessary camera information. The third method is a very effective space deformation technique. Evolving from a cage-based method, our method has all the good properties of these methods, where the most prominent is the interior locality property. Our main contribution is the replacement of the manually constructed cage with automatic placed Interior Radial Basis Function (IRBF) centers. The shape distortion is minimized by minimizing the distortion of a set of spheres that are automatically placed within the input shape. In the fourth method, we propose improvements to the As-Rigid-As-Possible animation system. This produces superior shape deformation, competing with the quality of the As-Rigid-As-Possible volumetric deformation method. It also provides improved techniques for shape interpolation.
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