Technical Report CS-2012-12

Title: Algorithms for Topology-Free and Alignment Queries
Authors: Ron Y. Pinter and Meirav Zehavi
Abstract: In this article we address two pattern matching problems which have important applications to bioinformatics. First we address the topology-free query problem: Given a set of labels $L$, a multiset $P$ of labels from $L$, a graph $H=(V_H,E_H)$ and a function $Label_H : V_H \rightarrow 2^L$, we need to find a subtree $S$ of $H$ which is an occurrence of $P$. We provide a fixed-parameter algorithm with parameter $k=|P|$ whose time complexity is $O^*(2^k)$ and whose space complexity is polynomial. We also consider three variations of this problem. Then we address the alignment query problem: Given two labeled graphs $P$ and $H$, we need to find a subgraph $S$ of $H$ whose alignment with $P$ is the best among all such subgraphs. We present two algorithms where $P$ and $H$ belong to certain families of DAGs whose time complexities are polynomial and are less restrictive than algorithms that are available today for alignment queries. Topology-free and alignment queries provide means to study the function and evolution of biological networks, and today, with the increasing amount of knowledge regarding biological networks, they are extremely relevant.
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