Technical Report CS-2012-07

Title: Hybrid Distributed Consensus
Authors: Roy Friedman, Gabriel Kliot, and
Abstract: Inspired by the proliferation of cloud-based services, this paper studies consensus, one of the most fundamental distributed computing problems, in a hybrid model of computation. In this model, processes (or nodes) exchange information by passing messages or by accessing a reliable and highly-available register hosted in the cloud. The paper presents a formal definition of the model and problem, and studies performance tradeoffs related to using such a register. Specifically, it proves a lower bound on the number of register accesses in deterministic protocols, and gives a simple deterministic protocol that meets this bound. In addition, probabilistic protocols that solve consensus with a single register access in expectation or when some favorable network conditions occur are also presented. A benefit of the probabilistic approach is that it can ensure both liveness and safety, and only the efficiency of the protocol is affected by the probabilistic assumptions.

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