Technical Report CS-2012-06

Title: Traffic Flow Forecast Survey
Authors: Ella Bolshinsky and Roy Friedman
Abstract: Short-term traffic flow forecasting is an important aspect of the ITS as traffic predication can alleviate congestion, which causes drivers to incur a longer traveling time and economical loses. In addition, traffic congestion increases the pollution and the fuel usage. Thus, it is one of the severe problems in Metropolitan areas. Further, in tunnels the forecasting may help scheduling the ventilation fans. This way, the ventilation cost might be decreased while the air quality increased. Additional aspect of traffic prediction is that it may enable the drivers to plan their departure time and traveling path, as they posses the predictive information. In this paper, we survey the different techniques used for traffic forecasting, the input data for these techniques, the output provided by them, as well as some general insights.

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