Technical Report CS-2012-03

Title: Practical and Theoretical Aspects of a Parallel Twig Join Algorithm for XML Processing using a GPGPU
Authors: Lila Shnaiderman, Oded Shmueli
Abstract: With an increasing amount of data and demand for fast query processing, the efficiency of database operations continues to be a challenging task. A common approach is to leverage parallel hardware platforms. With the introduction of general-purpose GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) computing, massively parallel hardware has become available within commodity hardware. XML is based on a tree-structured data model. Naturally, the most popular XML querying language (XPath) uses patterns of selection predicates on multiple elements, related by a tree structure. These are often abstracted by twig patterns. Finding all occurrences of such a (XML query) twig pattern in an XML document is a core operation for XML query processing. We present a new algorithm, GPU-Twig, for matching twig patterns in large XML documents, using a GPU. Our algorithm uses the data and task parallelism of the GPU to perform memory-intensive tasks whereas the CPU is used to perform I/O and resource management. We therefore efficiently exploit both the high-bandwidth GPU memory interface and the lower-bandwidth CPU main memory.
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