Technical Report CS-2011-12

Title: Algorithms on 2-Acyclic-Subtree Filament Graphs
Authors: Fanica Gavril
Abstract: Two intersecting subtrees of a graph D are 2-acyclic if and only if their intersection is a subtree. Let GI(V,F) be the intersection graph of a family of 2-acyclic subtrees of a graph D. In the present paper we define intersection graphs of 2-acyclic-subtree filaments on any graph D; the subtree filaments are similarly defined as the subtree filaments based on subtrees of a tree. We describe polynomial time algorithms for various problems on 2-acyclic-subtree filament graphs G when their base graphs GI have algorithms for related problems. The problems are to find maximum induced complete bipartite subgraphs, maximum weight holes of a given parity, minimum dominating holes, maximum weight antiholes and some others.
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