Technical Report CS-2011-06

Title: A Single-Version STM that is Multi-Version Permissive
Authors: Hagit Attiya and Eshcar Hillel
Abstract: We present PermiSTM, a single-version STM satisfying a practical notion of permissiveness, usually associated with keeping many versions: it never aborts read-only transactions, and it aborts other transactions only due to a conflicting transaction (which writes to a common item), thereby avoiding spurious aborts. PermiSTM also avoids unnecessary contention on the memory, being strictly disjoint access parallel. The paper first presents a variant of PermiSTM that uses $k$-compare-single-swap primitive. Then we show a variant with similar properties using only CAS, and we also show how the livelocks it may incur can be avoided with best-effort hardware transactions.

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