Technical Report MSC-2009-14

Title: Photogrammetric Texture Mapping using Casual Images
Authors: Yochay Tzur
Supervisors: Ayellet Tal
Abstract: Texturing 3D models using casual images has gained importance in the last decade, with the advent of huge databases of images. We present a novel approach for performing this task, which manages to account for the 3D geometry of the photographed object. Our method overcomes the limitation of both the constrained-parameterization approach, which does not account for the photography effects, and the photogrammetric approach, which cannot handle arbitrary images. The key idea of our algorithm is to formulate the mapping estimation as a Moving-Least-Squares problem for recovering local camera parameters at each vertex. The algorithm is realized in a FlexiStickers application, which enables fast interactive texture mapping using a small number of constraints.

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