Technical Report MSC-2009-06

Title: QoS Enforcement for Web Services in Dynamic Networks
Authors: Nir Shemy
Supervisors: Roy Friedman
Abstract: Internet growth during the last decades encouraged the development of new methods for using the web environment. Web services are one of these methods, providing a web-based API for remote execution of code over a network. They are very popular over the Internet and become an integral part of e-commerce business.

As web services gained more popularity, quality of service requirements for security, reliability and performance were crucial for the adoption of this technology in the business world. While some of them became a standard, there is no single acceptable standard for performance supported by the web services frameworks. Moreover, the enforcement of performance by existing frameworks is usually concerned with the service provider and rarely concerned with the consumer and the network environment.

We present SLAMES, a novel system providing performance provisioning and enforcement for web services. Unlike most existing frameworks, it ensures that the required performance is maintained in the consumer environment, including network delays. As such, it is capable of solving some network problems that cannot be addressed by existing frameworks installed on the side of the service provider. It also provides a new approach for ensuring quality of service by a third party rather than the service provider itself.

SLAMES provides a scalable solution for monitoring Web services using a proxy approach, making it as transparent as possible to both service provider and service consumer. It is compatible with existing standards and yet provides flexible configuration using scripting language capabilities.

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