Technical Report CS-2006-16

Title: Intersection Representations of Matrices by Subtrees and Unicycles on Graphs
Authors: Fanica Gavril, Ron Pinter and Shmuel Zaks
Abstract: Consider a 0-1 matrix M(i,j) with columns C={c1, c2,…, cm}, and rows R, or – equivalently – a hypergraph M(R,C) having M as its adjacency matrix (where R are the vertices and C are the hyperedges). Denote ri={cj| cj in C and M(i,j)=1}. We consider the following two problems: (a) Is there a graph H, with vertex set C, such that every vertex subgraph H(ri) of H is a tree and the intersection of every two such trees is also a tree? (b) Is there a graph H, with vertex set C, such that every H(ri) is a unicycle and the intersection of every two and every three unicycles is a tree? These questions occur in application areas such as database management systems and computational biology; e.g., in the latter they arise in the context of the analysis of biological networks, primarily for the purpose of data clustering. We describe algorithms to find such intersection representations of a matrix M (and equivalently of the hypergraph M), when they exist. SUBMITTED: September 2006.
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